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Can I Use Fairy Liquid To Wash My Car?

by Victoria Chapman on June 28, 2021

As simple as washing your car may look, certain things should be considered so that you don't unexpectedly scratch or reduce the quality of the car’s paintwork. Using a dishwashing detergent on your car’s paintwork makes the paint vulnerable. The detergent removes a lot more than the stains and dirt on the car’s surface, even though the car appears clean and sparkling after washing. The wax or oil on the paint is broken down, stripped off, and the paint seems dull and exposed. 


can i use fairy liquid to wash my car

So, Can I Use Washing Up Liquid To Wash My Car?

You might be asking yourself some questions right now. Which liquid car wash do I buy? How will I know the suitable liquid car wash to apply on my car? Can I use Washing-up liquid to wash my car? Or can you use Fairy liquid to wash your car? 

A suitable liquid car wash does not contain any detergent, and it has many lubricants. The lubricants lubricate the dirt on the car, enabling the dirt to slip from your car's paintwork. Before buying a liquid car wash, you should carry out a ''feel test'' to test the liquid car wash. Place a tiny amount of the liquid car wash within your thumb and finger and rub backward and forwards. A good liquid wash gives you a much more slippery feeling than detergents.

In response to the several questions that went through your mind earlier, using a Fairy liquid or Washing-up liquid to wash your car will not only damage its paintwork, it will also make the car paintwork appear dull. To make your car look attractive and stay protected again, you have to re-wax your auto paint each time you apply Fairy liquid or Washing-up on your auto paintwork. You can avoid waxing your car over and over again by using a recommended car wash as an alternative.

What are the recommended products for washing your car?

Since we have established that the use of Fairy or Washing-up liquid as a car wash is not appropriate, what are the products recommended for washing your car?

There are three (3) product types mainly used for washing a car, which professional auto detailing companies also use. They are:


Citrus Pre-Wash

Citrus Pre Wash is a product utilised in washing your car before detailing your car (auto detailing). It strips off excess dirt such as road grimes and bug splats from the car exterior before washing the car.


Snow Foam & Pressure Washer 

The availability of a pressure washer makes the use of a Snow Foam & Lance Kit suitable for the removal of dirt particles. The bubbles loosen and displace larger dirt particles and grime from the surface of your car’s paintwork. This process allows the dirt particles and filth to be washed off easily.


PH Neutral Car Shampoo

A pH-neutral car shampoo has a mild cleansing action. It does not contain harsh ingredients or chemicals that may erode your car’s wax protection, damage its paintwork and cause premature aging. It has a PH of 7.0, which is similar to that of water.