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303 High Gloss Tyre Shine & Protectant

    303 High Gloss Tyre Shine & Protectant


    303 High Gloss Tyre Shine and Protectant is a spray-on tyre dressing that gives tyres a ‘fresh out of the factory’ look.

    This product is chemically engineered to leave a wet, glossy finish. It leaves black rubber looking as sleek as can be.

    Not only does this tyre shine leave your tyres looking brand new all year round it also provides long-lasting protection. It is designed to defend tyres from cracking and dry rot.

    303 High Gloss Tyre Shine and Protectant is not only safe for your tyres but is also safe for the environment. This product is made with a long-lasting, water-based formula, rather than a formula consisting of harmful silicones. Silicones have a habit of drying out tyres, making them look old and faded.

    This tyre dressing is easy to use and has less sling than similar products. Simply spray it onto the surface of the tyre. If sling does occur, it can be safely wiped away as the product is paint safe.


    Shake well before using.

    Apply on a cool, clean, dry tyre.

    Spray product directly onto face of tyre, making sure it is applied evenly.

    Wipe up any over spray or drips on wheels.

    Allow product to dry on tyre for 15-30 minutes prior to driving vehicle to minimise sling.

    Size: 473ml (16oz)