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Alchemy DUCK TAIL Hydrophobic Wet Coat

    Alchemy DUCK TAIL Hydrophobic Wet Coat


    Duck Tail is a hydrophobic spray on wet coat that is simple to use and gives up to 4 months protection.

    After applying Duck Tail, you’ll be willing it to rain so you can watch the incredible water beading. And when it’s not raining you can enjoy the shine and gloss of your wax or sealant that is being protected by this Alchemy wet coat.

    Duck Tail is safe to use on almost every exterior surface of your car.


    Spray on to clean wet paint and immediately pressure washer off.

    Duck Tail should only be used on standard finishes only and not matte paint and wraps.


    -          Spray sealant

    -          Lasts up to 4 months

    -          Incredible water beading

    -          Easy to use

    Size: 500ml