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Alchemy GRIME Citrus Pre Wash

    Alchemy GRIME Citrus Pre Wash


    Grime is a concentrated citrus pre wash that can be used across the entire car exterior and even be used as an APC on the interior.

    Grime is tough on all the nasty things you don’t want on your car, like grime, salt, bug splatter, tree sap and grease, but wont’ strip your wax and sealant layer.

    As Grime is a concentrated formula, you can dilute to suit your needs, for heavy soiling 10:1; medium soiling 50:1; light soiling 100:1.

    Grime can be used through a spray bottle or foam lance (although will not foam). Add Grime to the bottle and top with clean water. Spray onto the cars surface, leave to dwell before rinsing with clean water.

    Does not come with a spray head as it is a dilatable product.

    Size:- 1 litre