Autobrite Very Cherry ACIDIC Wheel Cleaner

    Autobrite Very Cherry ACIDIC Wheel Cleaner


    In the Detailing world today there have always been some concerns about using acidic wheel cleaners. Some swear by acid cleaners, some not. Very Cherry acidic wheel cleaner is a powerful dilutable wheel cleaner that will break down even the heaviest of dirt and contamination on wheel surfaces.

    Acid wheel cleaners can be a valuable tool in your detailing arsenal. Very Cherry Acidic wheel cleaner is a powerful acid based cleaner that rapidly breaks down the heaviest of brake dust, tarnish, rust, grime and dirt in minutes! The addition of carefully selected brightening agents and powerful cleaning agents ensure wheels are kept looking at their best. It is safe to use on plastic wheel trims, clear coated and painted alloy wheels. It removes rusty buildup, dirt and heavy brake dust rapidly and thoroughly and can transform even the most neglected wheels.

    VCA will dilute up to 20-1 and can be used in stronger concentrations for heavier contamination.


    Product Features

    • Excellent for removing brake dust, grime, rust and tarnish
    • Dilutes up to 20-1 making it very economical
    • Easy to use
    • Sweet cherry fragrance
    • Perfect for heavy commercial use and very neglected wheels