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Britemax AIO Max 473ml (16oz)


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AIO-Max is a high tech, user-friendly (All In One) polish formulated with the latest scientifically engineered polymers and waxes. Suitable for use on all paint types and colours. AIO Max can used by both hand and machine application and will remove light scratches, swirls and restores dull paintwork leaving a glossy and durable protective layer. Can be used as a one-step cleaner, on lightly oxidized finishes or as a second-step on aged paint that had been pre-cleaned.


By Machine. Shake well. Clean and dry all surfaces. Dispense a liberal amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly & thinly using the face of the buffer pad. Move buffer back and forth slowly using moderate pressure. Let the product dry to a haze. Remove dried residue with a clean dry soft cloth. 

By Hand. Shake well. Apply with a soft applicator pad. Spread evenly and thinly. Use a circular motion. Buff and remove dried residue off with a separate clean soft cloth. Keep product from temperature extremes. If product becomes frozen let thaw and shake vigorously to re-establish consistency.

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