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Carbon Collective Leather Wipes

    Carbon Collective Leather Wipes

    Carbon Collective Leather Wipes have two levels of cleaning, Deep Clean & Light Clean.

    This portable leather wipe system has been formulated to be the easiest & safest way to clean leather & vinyl.

    The compact wipes can be stored in your glovebox or door pocket. Ideal for removing stains, spills, sticky residue & general grime from leather & vinyl.

    A pack consists of 5 Deep Clean Wipes & 5 Light Clean Wipes, each packaged in individual foil sachets.

    Directions for use Deep Clean:

    A dual textured synthetic wipe with cleaning dots, designed to safely lift ingrained dirt & stains from deep within the leather.

    • – Use the textured side to deep clean the dirt from leather grain & stitching.

    Directions for use Light Clean:

    A gentle synthetic quick wipe which swiftly lifts excess dirt into the wipe whist conditioning the leather.

    • – Use the finishing wipe to remove any remaining residue, leaving the surface clean & conditioned.

    One pack consists of 10 leather wipes, 5 Deep Clean, 5 Light Clean.

    Size: 15cm X18cm