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Carbon Collective Molecule 9H Ceramic Coating
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    Carbon Collective Molecule 9H Ceramic Coating


    This Molecule Ceramic Coating is a true 9H ultra-hydrophobic coating. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the surface, protecting against scratches, swirls, chemicals, bird droppings UV rays for up to 5 years.

    Molecule can be used on its own as a stand-alone coating or used as a base layer for our Nero Ceramic Coating, increasing durability, and scratch resistance up to 7 years.

    Safe to be used on the following finishes:

    • Matt finishes
    • Satin finishes
    • Gloss finishes
    • Painted
    • Powdercoated


    • Maximum scratch protection
    • Super-hydrophobic
    • Makes surface easier to maintain
    • Higher active content
    • Super Slick application, wipe on wipe off
    • Enhances gloss, matt & satin finishes

    Durability & Scratch Resistance:

    • True 9H hardness
    • Durable for a minimum of 5 years
    • Durable for 7 years when paired with the Nero Ceramic Coating
    • More durable & longer lasting than dealer supplied protection
    • High chemical resistance

    Kit includes:

    • Brand New Packaging With 2.0 Dropper
    • 30ml Bottle of Molecule Ceramic Coating
    • 4x 75mm Microfibre Applicator
    • Foil Packaging with Instructions