Carbon Collective Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating

    Carbon Collective Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating


    This diamond-infused Nero Ceramic Coating is an ultra-hydrophobic coating which can be used on PPF, vinyl wrapped or painted finishes.

    Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the surface, protecting against chemicals, bird droppings UV rays & even minor scratches for up to 5 years.

    Nero has a high active content, consisting of diamond particles, this helps to maximise gloss & protection whilst aiding the self-healing process, helping to keep your paint swirl free for longer.

    Nero Ceramic Coating can also be used as a topcoat over the 9H Molecule Ceramic Coating, increasing scratch resistance and durability up to 7 years.

    Safe to be used on the following finishes:

    • PPF
    • Painted
    • Powder coated
    • Matt finishes
    • Satin finishes
    • Gloss finishes


    • Use on PPF & vinyl wraps
    • Enhances gloss, matt & satin finishes
    • Gloss boosting properties
    • Ultra hydrophobic
    • High active content
    • Low solvent content
    • Makes surface easier to maintain
    • Water repellency angle of 110º
    • Draining angle as low as 17º
    • Wipe on, wipe off application

    Durability & Scratch Resistance:

    • Self-healing properties
    • 3.5H hardness
    • Durable for a minimum of 5 years
    • Durable for 7 Years when paired with our Molecule Ceramic Coating
    • More durable & longer lasting than dealer supplied protection
    • High chemical resistance

    Kit includes:

    • Brand New Packaging With 2.0 Dropper
    • 30ml Bottle of Nero Ceramic Coating
    • Application Kit (Block & 5 Cloths)
    • Foil Packaging with Instructions