Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Cleaner

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Product image 1Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Cleaner
Product image 2Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Cleaner

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Safe for all wheels

Oxygen-infused cleaner lifts and separates filth and grime from wheels

Thick fully-concentrated formula goes the distance

Easily and safely lifts brake dust, dirt, and contamination

Lubricates brushes so rubbing and scrubbing won’t scratch sensitive surfaces

Efficiently loosens and lifts contaminants100% pH balanced and neutral

Some manufacturers resort to caustic acids and heavy alkaline compounds to cut through brake dust. These cleaners are corrosive themselves, and destroy shiny wheel finishes and car parts over time. Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel & Rim Cleaner is pH-balanced, gentle, and perfect for cleaning any type of shiny wheel finish on any vehicle. Clean off any painted wheel, polished metal, chrome, anodized, powdercoated, or wrapped wheel without fear of tarnishing or destroying any finish in any way. The gentle formula is safe to use around any other car part, including exterior paintwork, glass, clear plastics, and undercarriage parts like fender liners and suspension components. Simply rinse off any overspray without any fear of etching or staining any other car parts. Clean any car, truck motorcycle, RV, or SUV wheels, rims, and tires with Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel & Rim Cleaner.

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