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Chemical Guys Final polish V38
Chemical Guys Final polish V38

    Chemical Guys Final polish V38


    Ultra-refined final polish

    Finishes paint to perfection following compounding and polishing steps

    Enhances gloss, depth, and reflection

    Removes light defects, scratches, and holograms

    Delivers superior optical results; no fillers, no hiding blemishes

    Removes 2500-3000 grit wet sand marks


    When only perfection will do at the end of a polishing detail, detailers reach for Chemical Guys V38 Optical Grade Final Polish to refine depth, luster, and gloss. V38 refines compound and polishing marks from prior steps, and enhances reflection, shine, and gloss on any paint finish. V38 works on conventional clear coat, ceramic clear coat, and single stage paint finishes. Use V38 on any DA or rotary polisher to refine the finish, remove light scuffs and scratches, 2500-3000 grit sanding marks, and any compounding marks or holograms from prior polishing steps. The specialty jeweler’s polish is water-based, formulated for extended work time, and finishes without dusting or messy residue. V38 contains no fillers and no artificial gloss enhancers, so the lustrous finish is the true condition of the paint. Use V38 Optical Grade Final Polish to finish any paint finish to perfection.