Chemical Guys Fresh Cut Grass Scent

Chemical Guys

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  • Relive your childhood summers with just one spray
  • Bring the organic aroma of fresh cut grass to your manufactured and plastic interior
  • Get the fresh cut grass scent without ever touching a lawn mower
  • Enjoy the scent of summer all year long
  • Get natural, fresh scent without ever breaking a sweat


Is it possible to distill an entire season in a bottle? Well, Chemical Guys has done it with the all-new Fresh Cut Grass Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator! Squeeze the trigger, sit back, feel the soft grass sprout from under you, and take in the scent of carefree childhood summers. This grassy outdoors aroma brings back memories of those long sunny days lounging on a recently cut lawn with friends, playing sports on that newly trimmed and marked turf, or waking up late on a lazy summer morning to the beating sound of a lawnmower in the distance and the sweet smell of just mowed grass wafting in through your window. The equivalent of acres and acres of freshly mowed meadows in a bottle, this premium air freshener is sure to get your memory receptors working overtime to release all the dopamine associated with your pleasurable youth when you need it the most- without ever pulling the mower out of the shed. Escape to a warm summer’s day any month of the year with Chemical Guys Fresh Cut Grass Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator!

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