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Chemical Guys Hydrospeed Ceramic Quick Detailer

    Chemical Guys Hydrospeed Ceramic Quick Detailer



    HydroSpeed is the extremely versatile and easy-to-apply ceramic quick detailer that uses special hydrophobic polymers and nanoparticles of SiO2 to deliver a brilliant show car shine, durable all-weather protection, and intense hydrophobic water beading in mere seconds.

    Use This To:

    • Extreme hyperactive water beading
    • Applies in seconds with superior results
    • No extensive surface prep required
    • Ceramic self cleaning properties
    • Makes washing your car easier
    • Use on virtually all exterior surfaces
    • Protects against UV rays, extreme weather, and contamination
    • Enhances existing ceramic coated vehicles
    • Adds durable protection and shine to uncoated paint

    Use It All Over Your Car

    Now, you can add durable ceramic protection, water beading, and shine to your paint, wheels, glass, headlights, taillights, and more! Use it between washes, on top of waxes, to maintain your favorite ceramic coating on treated or untreated vehicles for tremendous results. Most other ceramics often rely on solvent or resin-based formulas that are temperamental and difficult for most people to use. Unlike other ceramics that require intense surface prep, HydroSpeed can be applied between washes, at shows, and on virtually any exterior surface in mere seconds.