Chemical Guys Trim Clean Wax & Oil Remover

Chemical Guys

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  • Helps remove dried wax from plastic and rubber car parts
  • Make door mirrors, bumpers, vents, grilles, and tires look black and new
  • Works on textured plastic, porous rubber, and smooth composite car parts
  • Helps dissolve and remove wax, glaze, sealant, polish, and compound
  • Can be used to prep surface for dressing application


Just one slip while detailing can leaving a permanent mark: we’ve all smeared a little wax on plastic and rubber parts on bumpers, mirrors, and doors. The wax seeps into the textured plastic and porous rubber parts, leaving a chalky white stain that just won’t come out. Everyone seems to have a home remedy for the problem, but they all involve bathroom scrubbers or sandwich ingredients in place of professional grade products. Now Chemical Guys introduces Trim Clean Wax And Oil Remover For Trim, Tires, And Rubber. Trim Clean is the only product that helps dissolve and remove embedded wax, glaze, sealant, or polishing compound from plastic and rubber car parts. Easily erase white wax stains from textured plastic and porous rubber trim pieces found all over door mirrors, bumper parts, window seals, front end grilles, side vents, and windshield trays. Simply work the solution over the affected area with a soft scrubbing brush or microfiber towel to break down waxy residues, then agitate them out from deep within the surface. Trim Clean Wax And Oil Remover restores a natural look to trim pieces by removing waxy oils that stain and discolour them. Now a small misstep during a full vehicle detail or weekly car wash is no longer a permanent mark. Use immediately after wax accidents for maximum effect. Erase wax, sealant, or polish stains from trim, plastics, and rubber car parts with Chemical Guys Trim Clean Wax And Oil Remover.

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