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Dakota ORDOR BOMB 5oz

    Dakota ORDOR BOMB 5oz


    Odor Bomb eliminates all types of malodors. It effectively eliminates odors caused from urine, feces, decay, rancidity, fire, tabacco smoke, cooking and mildew. Each can neutralizes and destorys odors up to 6,000 cubic feet of space.

    Directions for use

    Close all windows and shut down air-conditioning or heating unit. Place can in the middle of room on a raised surface. Place a cloth under the can for protection. For total discharge, press valve all the way down, locking the catch. Leave the room immediately and do not disturb for at least 2 hours. Ventilate to room for 30 minutes before re-entering.

    The valve can be operated to give short bursts of spray by lightly depressing the valve and pointing the can to area to be treated.