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Gyeon Q²M Bathe+
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    Gyeon Q²M Bathe+

    Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ is an innovative pH neutral shampoo fortified with SiO2. By depositing a very slick layer of SiO2-rich polymers, Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ not only cleans gently and rinses freely, but also enhances surface gloss and hydrophobicity. The latter effect is the most pronounced, not only in terms of the sudden dramatic improvement in water beading it causes, but also it terms of the self-cleaning properties it imparts (by actively repelling rainfall and road spray, more dirt and grime is carried away instead of being allowed to accumulate in situ). Consequently, Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ makes routine maintenance much quicker and easier, as the interval between washes can be comfortably extended, and the need for quick detailing is eliminated.