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Gyeon Q²M SilkDryer

    Gyeon Q²M SilkDryer


    The Gyeon Q²M SilkDryer features an 80:20 (polyester:polyamide) weave with a highly innovative structure comprising tightly twisted closed-loop tufts. This unique design significantly increases the surface area of the towel and enables it to soak up enormous volumes of water, to the extent that it easily outperforms even the greediest of waffle weave towels.

    As a result, the Gyeon Q²M SilkDryer dries panels fully in just one pass, leaving no streaks behind, and its drag-free nature greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring during the process (particularly when wipe drying instead of pat drying, if you can't stand the latter). This risk is further diminished by the use of a heat-stamped logo instead of a sewn-in label.