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Gyeon Q²M WheelBrush
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    Gyeon Q²M WheelBrush

    The Gyeon Q²M WheelBrush combines an ultra-soft padded microfibre head with a non-scratch polypropylene handle to give a safe yet effective solution for cleaning alloy wheels and the insides of wheel arches. The padded microfibre head is made of the same material used for the Gyeon Q²M Smoothie, and is chemically resistant, easy to clean and highly durable.
    The metal-free nature of the design makes the Gyeon Q²M WheelBrush ideal for use on delicate rims, and eliminates any risk of the brush failing prematurely due to metal fatigue. To maximise comfort, the end of the polypropylene handle is finished with a shaped polyurethane grip, atop of which sits a generously-sized knuckle guard. Two sizes of the Gyeon Q²M WheelBrush are available; medium and large. The medium version works best on cars with narrow wheels and tight spoke gaps, while the large version works better with wide wheels and broad spoke gaps.