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Gyeon Q² View
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    Gyeon Q² View

    Gyeon Q² View is an advanced quartz-based coating system that forms a semi-permanent hydrophobic (water-hating) barrier layer on automotive glass. It achieves this via two distinct products that are supplied as a kit; Gyeon Q² Cleanse and Gyeon Q² Repel. The former is a chemical polish and silica-rich bonding agent, while the latter is a hydrophobic glass coating containing functional silica- and fluorine-based components. When used systematically (which is strictly necessary in order to obtain maximum performance), these two products form a highly durable, fully transparent SiO2-based coating that vigorously repels water.
    As a result, rain drops and road spray simply bead up and roll off of treated surfaces, or are blown off when driving speeds rise above 30 mph. Gyeon Q² View therefore significantly improves visibility in wet weather, and greatly reduces the need to use your windscreen wipers. The extreme beading also tends to pick up and carry away fresh dirt and grime, meaning that the coating is partially self-cleaning. Furthermore, in drier weather bug splatter washes off far more easily, and in colder weather defrosting is more quickly achieved.
    Gyeon Q² View is currently supplied as a pre-packed kit containing a 20 ml bottle of Gyeon Q² Cleanse, a 20 ml bottle of Gyeon Q² Repel, a rayon applicator block, a Gyeon Q²M Applicator Block, four Gyeon Q²M Applicator Suedes and an instruction booklet.