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Infinity Wax Graphene Wax

    Infinity Wax Graphene Wax


    Graphene Wax

    Graphene Wax uses newly developed technology to infuse high quality wax and Graphene particles. Designed to be highly durable and provide amazing water behaviour. Graphene Wax is very easy to apply and buff off making this new wax even more desirable.

    How to use 

    1. Prepare the surface before waxing, this may include removal of previous waxes and sealant but please note this is not essential but will yield greater results if completed.

    2. Take 1-2 swipes from the pot, only use soft foam to apply this wax. Once you have loaded the applicator proceed to press it over a small area of the panel several times, this creates an even application by collecting more wax as you work across the panel. Always ensure an even thin layer is applied, over-application will have negative effects on removal and performance. 

    3. Remove the wax with a short pile towel like our general weave coth after 1-5 minutes maximum, this means only 1-2 panels at a time. A final wipe down using our plush yellow buffing towel is also desirable but not essential. 

    4. After application, allow 3 hours for this wax to bond before wetting the vehicle, and do not wash for 7 days after application.

    Store the Graphene Wax in a cool area where temperature fluctuations are minimal. 

    Safety precautions

    Always wear gloves when using this wax.  

    If any skin irritation develops stop using, remove clothing that may be contaminated and wash the skin with cold soapy water only, begin to introduce gentle scrubbing unless the skin is broken.