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Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Coating

    Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Coating

    Synergy 1 year coating is an inorganic nano-resin ceramic coating. Capable of withstanding a wide range of PH detergents from 2-12, temperatures up to 600 celsius with additional wear resistance to the coated surface. Synergy also displays strong oleophobic properties. A single layer of Synergy 1 will provide 1+ years of protection with a coating thickness of 0.2-0.5 μm per application. Synergy can be layered within the first hour of application only. Synergy has been designed specifically for use in Northern Hemisphere climates with relative humidity from 40-80%. Synergy 1 covalently bonds to the vehicle panels and uses an advanced Sol-gel hydrolysis reaction which allows the product to solidify quicker and harder without force curing making it ideal for DIY installation. Primary curing is within 1 hour, fully cured in 8-72 hours. An additional reactive polymerisation within the product allows for safe storage outdoors and protects from harsh elements whilst also providing an instant hydrophobic layer allowing the cross-linking to complete over a period of 8-72 hours without negative environmental impacts, this is almost a safety net which gives a near guarantee on product adhesion even at DIY level. Synergy 1 has passed ISO 17132 T-bend testing (22°) and ISO 2409 cross cut (single blade) with class 0 results.