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Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Wax

    Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Wax


    Probably the best synthetic wax we have ever used to date! This very durable high active ceramic wax contains more than meets the eye! Combining the powerful ceramic resins and binders found in the Synergy coating we have blended in an extremely high melting point a technical mixture of modified polyethene, Flourine derived polymer which is loosely related to PTFE and 2 solid Si02 polymers to create this masterpiece.
    Famed in testing for its mind-blowing water behaviour, Synergy wax is also at the time of publishing this, capable of 50 weeks durability and counting, the recent tests showed water contact angles of 106° at this point and a maximum of 124° 12 hours after initial application. We expect 14 months from this product and will revisit this section in due course.

    This wax has a high resistance to detergents and is completely unaffected by temperatures, making it an ideal winter protection wax. A 50ml pot will cover 5-7 vehicles and a 200ml 25 on average.❞