Iron X Paste

    Iron X Paste


    Iron X Paste is our most concentrated form of IronX. It contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolve the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. No other method cleans paint and wheels as deeply as IronX. This preventative measure puts a stop to corrosion. Airborne fallout and ferrous (iron-containing) particles penetrate automatic paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into the paint's sub layers. Detailing clay on its own removes the particles from above the surface of the paint. But it doesn't remove the fragments that are imbedded in the cars paint. This area or fallout will have a detrimental effect under the paint finish if left untreated. The only way to truly remove ferrous particles is with a dedicated iron remover like Iron X Paste. Iron X Paste opens up the paint's pores to release iron particles and to neutralize the caustic compounds that have developed as a result of the particle. In one step, you can eliminate the cause and its effects. Put an immediate stop to paint damage before it's too late. Iron X Paste is excellent on automotive paint and safely cleans and removes fallout from within the clear coats. Iron X Paste is highly recommended for all clear coated alloy wheels. Brake dust and road grime become baked onto wheels. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and can quickly pit clear coated wheels. Iron X Paste easily removes ferrous brake dust to protect your wheels from further damage. Iron X Paste can save you the cost of replacing your factory wheels!



    • Clings to vertical surfaces
    • Long dwell time to work as long as needed to remove iron and brake dust spots.
    • Safe to use, Acid Free, and pH neutral (pH 6-7).
    • Safe to use on Aluminum, Chrome, Anodized, Alloy, or Clear coated wheels.
    • This formulation is also effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats.
    • Iron X Paste prevents the spread of iron-related damage & helps to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.
    • Economically priced - A little spreads a long way


    CarPro USA tips for working Isolated Spots or Widespread Areas:

    A.- Work in the shade and do not allow to dry in direct sun

    Isolated spots:

    1.- Using the bottle to apply simply squeeze a dot of product on to the stubborn spot

    2.- Allow to dwell about 5-6 minutes or as needed.

    3.- Agitate and rinse thoroughly or agitate and allow to dwell further if necessary

    Widespread Areas: (Also consider using Iron X Liquid for widespread areas like full bodywork decontamination)

    A.- Use latex or Nitrile gloves

    B.- If there is an inordinate amount of tree sap, tar, other organic material, wax, or sealants on the vehicle I recommend you strip them first with TarX so IronX can attack the ferrous particles without any interference. This is not required but is how I like to do it for best results.

    C.- I prefer to apply with a paint safe sponge or foam applicator to a still damp surface. (As opposed to when I use Iron X spray at which point I give the vehicle a quick dry first)

    1.-Apply to sponge and spread across surface.

    2.-Allow the product to dwell for 5-6 minutes or as needed in the shade.

    On light colored paints you will see the product dissolving ferrous particles as it turns color. On darker colored paints everything is happening in exactly the same way. It’s simply more difficult for you to view the color changing affect. I have read people saying the product works better on lighter colored cars but that is illogical and is not the case. It works the same regardless of car color.

    3.-After allowing dwell time take a damp (not soaked) grout or other paint safe sponge (or other media if you prefer) and agitate the surface.

    4.-Thoroughly rinse the surface or allow to dwell a bit more before rinsing thoroughly.