Kranzle K7/122 Portable Electric Pressure Washer
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    Kranzle K7/122 Portable Electric Pressure Washer


    Designed for the Valeting/Detailing Trade where low maintenance and exceptionally long life expectancy is a must.

    Kranzle valve housings are manufactured from a forged special brass, they feature a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the pump head. Cheaper machines have motors designed to last as long as the pump which is only 40 - 50 hours!

    The '122 series represents continued development with durable design meaning this model is perfect for semi-industrial and commercial use.

    What does it come with?

    • 10M of steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose
    • A gun and lance
    • 5M of power cable

    Optional Extras

    • Total Stop
    • Quick Release Lance
    • Snow Foam Lance

    What is Total Stop?

    While Kranzle machines do not need to turn off every time you let go of the gun because of the superior un-loader system fitted however they can be fitted with Total stop to enable this. The total stop models tested do have lower signs of wear to the seals, resulting with longer periods between servicing required. Energy costs are also lower because when the trigger gun is released the motor stops automatically, then when the trigger gun is squeezed again, the machine restarts. The motor and pump only run when they are actually needed, saving electricity.

    Technical specifications

    • Operating pressure 120 BAR
    • Maximum pressure 135 BAR
    • Motor speed 1400 rpm
    • Water output 7 lts/min
    • Power / electric supply 240 volt
    • Weight 24Kg