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Nasiol MetalCoat F2, Spray Ceramic Coating For Car Paint Protection

    Nasiol MetalCoat F2, Spray Ceramic Coating For Car Paint Protection

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    Nasiol MetalCoat F2 – Spray Ceramic Coating for Car Paint Protection

    Fastest way to apply ceramic coating, spray it and buff it.
    Revolutionary Nano car ceramic coating synthetically bonds to a wide range of auto paint surfaces and
    promotes exceptional durability.
    New Multi-Layer technology enables the coating to remain flexible underneath while providing a water-
    repelling coating on the surface.
    Outstanding Nasiol Engineering Design produces superior scratch and stain protection.
    Can also be used on rims, plastic trim, headlights and bumpers.
    MetalCoat creates a nano coating that filters UV and protects the body shell from acid rains and bird
    droppings, residue from water run-offs, fading from the sun, etc. It gives a deep shine to applied
    surfaces. MetalCoat is applied by a simple spraying, polishing with microfibre cloth, and a 24hr curing
    Box Includes

    •  Nasiol ZR53 50ml
    •  Microfiber cloth 2pcs
    •  Aplication pads 10pcs
    •  Protective gloves 2 pcs
    •  Multilanguage application manual

    •  Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.
    •  Application should be made in a shade area.
    •  Surface should be sprayed around 20-30 times for one square meter.
    •  Surface should be buffed immediately with dry microfiber cloth.
    • Curing time is 24 h.

    Volume: 50 ml
    Application surface type: Auto and motorcycle paint
    Heavy Conditions: 6 months/30 washings -40°C +40°C, ph<12 detergent
    Normal Conditions: 1 year/50 washings -20°C +35°C, ph>12 detergent
    Consumption: 5-8 ml/m2

    Coating Thickness: 200-300 nm
    Hardness: 7H Pencil
    Water repellency: 97° @20mL, acrylic
    Oil repellency: 79° @20mL, acrylic
    Water sliding angle: 22 ° @20 mL, acrylic
    Temperature durability: 275° C
    Chemical resistance: 12>Ph>1
    Stain free: ✓
    Salty water durability: ✓
    Stain free: ✓
    Easy clean: ✓