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Nasiol NL272, 5 Year Ceramic Coating

    Nasiol NL272, 5 Year Ceramic Coating


    Nasiol NL272 – Ultimate Scratch Defender with 5-Year Anti-Scratch Protection

    Ultimate Protection Performance - Car Ceramic Coating - Nano Paint Protection
    TÜV Certified 9H Anti-Scratch - Scratch Resistance is one of the farmost feature of Nasiol NL 272. It
    protects body of the car from minor scratches and keeps your paint as if it had in its first day.
    High Water Repellency (107°) - Easy Clean Effect: After application the surface become resistant to
    chemical and environmental effects. It provides easy clean effect and helps you to save time in cleaning
    your vehicle.
    Auto Detailing Kit: All packed in one: 50 ml Nasiol NL 272 with application pads, gloves, cloths and
    related items for its application with an application manual in 12 languages.
    High Gloss: Nasiol NL272 provides a glossy shine on your car.
    Box Includes

    •  Nasiol ZR53 50ml
    •  Microfiber cloth 2pcs
    •  Aplication pads 10pcs
    •  Protective gloves 2 pcs
    •  Multilanguage application manual


    •  Surface should be free of scratches and prepared accordingly.
    •  Surface should be free of any dust, dirt, oil or water.
    •  Application should be made in a shade area.
    •  Apply the product with the included pads.
    •  Surface should be buffed immediately with dry cloth.
    •  Curing time is 48h.


    •  Volume: 50 ml
    • Application surface type: Auto and motorcycle paint


    •  Normal conditions: -20°C to +35°C / pH<12 , 5 years / 300 washings
    •  Heavy conditions: -40°C to +40°C / pH>12 , 3 years / 180 washings
    •  Volume: 50 ml
    •  Application surface type: Cars and motorcyles painted surfaces
    •  Durability: Normal Conditions (-20°C to +35°C / pH<12) 5 years / 300 washings
    •  Durability: Heavy Conditions (-40°C to +40°C / pH>12) 3 years / 180 washings
    •  Temperature durability: 150°C
    •  Chemical resistance: 12>pH>1
    •  Consumption: 4 mL/m 2
    •  Coating thickness: 0,8 - 1,1 µm
    •  Scratch resistance: ✓ >9H Pencil ( ISO-15184:2012)
    •  Water repellency: ✓
    •  Oil repellency: ✓
    •  Easy clean: ✔
    •  UV protection: ✔
    •  Hologram masking: ✔