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Poorboys Black Hole
Poorboys Black Hole

    Poorboys Black Hole


    Poorboy’s World Black Hole

    Poorboy’s Black Hole is a show glaze for dark coloured cars, boosting shine, gloss and slickness.

    Black Hole allows you to hide minor imperfections on dark vehicles until you can remove them at a later time.

    It will hide light swirl marks to bring a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine to your finish.

    This show glaze is that effective that it will even enhance the look of a car that is in perfect condition.

    Poorboy’s Black Hole will enhance any dark paint, including clear coats, single stage or ceramics.

    You can apply by hand or machine. Apply Black Hole before you use a sealant or wax, or both.

    If you have a lighter coloured car try White Diamond.