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Poorboys Super Swirl Remover SSR 1.0


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Poorboy’s World SSR1 Super Swirl Remover

Poorboy’s SSR1 is a light abrasive polish that easily removes light swirl marks, oxidation, fine scratches and overspray from your car’s paintwork.

SSR1 is the gentlest swirl remover in the range but is powerful enough to remove minor blemishes without scratching.

Unique cleaners and very light nano-abrasives gently remove mild blemishes from your paint’s surface while restoring gloss.

You can use Poorboy’s SSR1 by hand or machine polisher and it is safe to use in sun or shade.

The water-based formula contains no wax or silicone and is body shop safe.

It is safe for all clear coats, paint finishes, gel coats, chrome, glass, plastic and Plexiglas.

For more serious paint defects use either SSR2, SSR2.5 or SSR3 depending on the condition.

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