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Soft99 AntiFog Spray 180ml

    Soft99 AntiFog Spray 180ml

    Introducing the Soft99 Anti-Fog Spray!
    The name says it all! It is a spray on mousse type of product that helps to reduce condensation on the windows in cold temperatures. 
    All you need to do is spray on leave it for 3 mins and buff it off! 
    The tin comes in size of 180ml which is enough to last approximatly 8-10 times, durability is up to a month* 
    Since the product does not is not a cleaning agent or oil film remover, the preparation is important to ensure the adheres of the product.

    1. Please clean the glass first with an appropriate window cleaner!
    2. Make sure surface is dry, you can spray product directly to the glass or on a microfibre cloth 
    3. Spread evenly, the glass should be full of foam solution, let it on for 3-5 mins 
    4. Wipe off with another cloth! If necessary you can use paper towel to dry the area. 
    Warning do not put near open flames, keep clear away from children