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Soft99 Black Black Tyre Coating
Soft99 Black Black Tyre Coating

    Soft99 Black Black Tyre Coating


    Black Black is Soft99 state of art silicone tyre coating agent. It forms a thick film coating with ultra-gloss look and ultra endurance for minimum 60 days! After coated tyres will not be sticky and daily maintenance is just a simple wash with sponge.

    What does it comes with?
    - Retail packaging
    - Black Black 110ml
    - 2 piece of sponge
    - Disposable gloves

    How to use?
    - Please prepare the tyre surface to remove any excessive dirt on it! (Please make sure to do the preparation properly such as using degreaser or APC to clean the surface, as it will affect the durability of the product.
    - Please use the disposable glove that comes with it
    - Shake the bottle and apply it to the darker side of the foam in a up and down motion left to right to fill the foam completely.
    - Spread it on the tyre from bottom to top; keep spreading it to prevent uneven surface and until achieving a glossy finish.
    - Leave it to try for 5-10 mins
    - Leave it dry and cured for 24 hours before contacting water.