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Soft99 Brake Dust Blocker
Soft99 Brake Dust Blocker

    Soft99 Brake Dust Blocker


    Another piece of cutting edge technology from Japan based on the same nanotechnology used on the Glaco mirror zero. After coated with brake dust blocker brake dust and mud will not be able to stick on to surface of the wheels!*, which means it will keep your wheels cleaner for longer!

    Manufacturer claim 2.5 months and 621 miles durability (Base on Japan driving habits) Please note that it does not mean it will be not effective after 1000 miles in 1 month.

     The 200ml product could be enough to cover 8-12 wheels depends on the pattern of the wheels

    What does it comes with?

    - 200ml spray can brake dust blocker

    - A pack of compound tissue (8 pieces)