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Soft99 Creamy Shampoo
Soft99 Creamy Shampoo
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    Soft99 Creamy Shampoo


    Due to high demand request we have brought in the Neutral Shampoo creamy type. This is probably the first Japanese type car shampoo available in the UK. The PH neutral shampoo will probably change your mind and leave a good experience to a completely new way of car washing! 

    The Neutral Shampoo has a superb cleaning properties, which prevents dirt and dry suds sticking to the bodywork, even in summer periods you will only need to rinse it once! With anion properties in it which allows to create crazy amount of suds giving you an additional layer of safe contact with the bodywork.

    We strongly recommend to be use with the Smooth egg Soft sponge as it will fully unleashed the potential of this product. When together use with this product it will allow better sudsing and more enjoyable experience.