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Soft99 Pure Shine Water Based Tyre Shine
Soft99 Pure Shine Water Based Tyre Shine
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    Soft99 Pure Shine Water Based Tyre Shine


    PURE SHINE is a water-based tire coating without petroleum solvents. It creates a chic and natural gloss, making your car look more elegant. Spreading emulsion type liquid, which spreads well, with the included sponge never allows it to be splattered to car body or wheels. Two special grove shape sponges, which can fit between wheels and tires, are also included. Durability can last up to 1 month (Depends on condition)

    What does it come with?
    - Retail packaging
    - Water-based Coating 100ml
    - 2 special grove shape sponges

    1. Please prepare the tyre surface to remove any excessive dirt on it!
    2. Shake the bottle well and put moderate amount of product on to the sponge
    3. After applying leave the tyre to dry for 5-10mins