Soft99 Smooth Egg Platinum 250ml


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The Smooth Egg platinum is the top of the range spray sealant it contains 4 different types of resins. This product could achieve a wet finish, hydrophobic surface as well as a slick finish on the bodywork. The durability of the product will last up to 3 months

What comes in the box?
-Retail packaging
- Smooth egg platinum liquid 250ml

1. Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo,
2. Dry your car with microfibre drying towel
3. Shake the bottle well, turn the stopper to ,and then spray it on bodywork (an average bonnet will only need 6 spray
3. Wipe it with detailing grade microfibre (NipponShine recommends ultra fine Trizex multipurpose premium cloth), flip towel if necessary in between process.
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