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Soft99 Ultra Glaco Rain Repellent 70ML
Soft99 Ultra Glaco Rain Repellent 70ML
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    Soft99 Ultra Glaco Rain Repellent 70ML


    Glaco series is the No.1 best selling rain repellent in Japan!

    The Glaco compound wipe is use to pre the surface before applying Glaco for a better adhesion. The Ultra Glaco contains special state-of-art fluorine formula (PAT-P), to provide a very strong coating to resists friction by wipers, dust, carwash solution or cleaners up to 1 year!


    - We recommend using “Glaco Glass compound ” to remove any existing oil film, to maximise the lifespan of the coating

    - Make sure to clean off any existing dirt on surface before applying

    - Make sure surface is dry before application.

    - Shake the bottle well, remove the cap and remove the plastic seal.

    - Squeeze the bottle to allow solution to damp the foam.

    - Rub it in circular motion left to right, up to down.

    - Allow it to haze before buffing (Weather condition apply 5-10min summer 10-15min winter)

    - Do not wet the windscreen in next 24 hours to allow full polymerisation.