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ValetPRO Convertible Hood Brush

    ValetPRO Convertible Hood Brush


    Our Convertible Roof Brush is specially designed for cleaning fabric convertible roofs. The strong bristles are durable and effective at removing algae and other dirt that you may find has built up over the winter months. This Convertible Roof Brush has been shaped to easily fit within your hand to allow ease of use. This brush is highly versatile and can be used on carpets and other fabrics that require strong agitation.

    We recommend applying Drop Top Cleaner to your convertible hood when using our Convertible Roof Brush to quickly remove any grime. Afterwards, a quick application of Drop Top Protector will extend the life of your hood and help repel any future dirt or grime. This brush will also work well with Advanced Interior Cleaner on vehicle interior fabrics when strong agitation is required.



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